Detailed presentation of the project

The finding

Caribbean craftsmanship is rich and ingenious

Many designers offer handmade products made from natural materials from the resources of their island. This peculiarity gives their creations a certain authenticity and singularity.

During a trip to the West Indies, who has never succumbed to the charm of one of these products?
But nothing more regrettable than not being able to buy it:

  • Lack of money at the moment
  • Lack of time
  • Lack of space in your luggage

And even if you crossed these obstacles:

  • You are not safe from degradation during transport
  • Following the evolution of the creator's catalog is very complicated
  • Difficult to benefit your loved ones

Our goal

Democratizing Caribbean Art and Culture

This wealth is worth reaching beyond borders and diasporas

We want to offer all these creators a simple platform, complete and accessible to a wide audience.
It will not be necessary for them to have advanced means or skills in computer science.
The main objective is to democratize the distance selling of local handicraft products from the islands of the Caribbean (paintings, sculptures, drawings, jewelery, toys, musical instruments, textiles ...).

Why use karaibartdeco.com

An innovative and unprecedented solution in the Caribbean

A concept that tackles a little exploited market

The creator

He manages his sales area as he sees fit, using many management tools. He is no longer isolated and has the opportunity to interact with a whole community of creators and new customers.

  • It saves money : It does not support any digital cost. Using the platform costs him nothing if he does not sell (no subscriptions).

  • It increases its sales potential : Its products are visible 24/7 by a large public (local and international).

  • It saves time : It does not take care of maintaining and exploiting the platform. He can devote himself 100% to his activity (create his works and honor his orders).

The customer

It connects to a multilingual platform and accessible via all types of networks (mobile & web). Thus, it can command from anywhere on the planet 24/24 and 7days/7.

  • It has access to a new market : In one click, the platform offers a wide choice of rare Caribbean products and qualities.

  • It participates in the cultural development of a whole community : thanks to events, forums and other means of discovery offered on the platform.

  • It establishes a direct and privileged link with the creators : the customer follows in real time the catalog of the creator, gives his opinion on a new work, sees his creator at work, asks for a quote. In case of heart stroke, it can create a real collection.

But how does it work?

In a word : Simplicity

We provide a simple digital solution accessible to all

I'm creative

  • I create my account and my sales area

  • After validation, I edit my own product catalog with my creations

  • I participate in forums and create articles and/or events

  • Then the karaibartdeco.com team takes care of the rest.
    It ensures the maintenance, the security and the availability of the platform, the marketing, the referencing, the valuation of the products and the tenfold of customers

  • In case of order, I am notified and I receive my payment once the product has been shipped

I am a customer

  • I open a free account on the platform

  • I browse the catalog and build a basket.
    Then, to place an order I validate it by filling in my payment and delivery information

  • The creator is then notified, then takes care of the preparation and the sending of the command

  • I can also participate in the forums, see the events related to the art of the Caribbean and cultivate me through the articles offered by the community

We need you!

Help us grow

A significant personal and financial investment

We are calling on you to help us put together the most successful platform possible from the start.
Of course, you will be rewarded for your investment and will become a privileged customer (voucher on the site, free delivery, promo code, goodies ...).

However, if you can not afford to help us financially, but:

  • You have a useful address book,
  • You have a special talent,
  • You have suggestions,

Or you just want to encourage us and support us, you can contact us.

Our progress

Legal and administrative formalities

Specifying the branding

Platform Development / Mobile Application




In anticipation

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Opening the site

We plan to open the site in approximately

This is an estimate that will be reviewed weekly

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